Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC seeks to create a transparent working model between us and all coin holders. Below you will find our current timeline. As we accomplish a task listed, it will get crossed off. Once everything listed in the current timeline is accomplished, another timeline will be published.

Timeline 1

X September 2019 – Cryptocurrency Learning Center with Opt-in page and access to Easy Exchange Coins through the Trust Wallet App.

October 2019 (First half) – Merchandise Production and formulation of promotion team.

X October 2019 (Second half) – Round of Press Releases and Online Ads.

November 2019 (First half) – Beginning of the Going Full Crypto Documentary and Promotion.

November 2019 (Second half) – Expected Publication of the pending patent for A Social Network Site That Gives Users the Ability to Send and Receive Cryptocurrencies.

November 2019 (Second half) – Cash out and Loyalty Compensation Options

December 2019 (First half) – Additional Press Releases & Event Announcement

January 2020 – Fist ever Easy Bitcoin Buddies Event


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