Welcome to the Easy Bitcoin Buddies demo site, part of the Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC Ecosystem! It is our focus to create a digital asset ecosystem that will provide you with the freedom from banks that Satoshi originally had in mind when he created Bitcoin, but also give you the ability to cash-out when needed. You can find more information about this project at EasyBitcoinBuddiesLLC.com

EasyBitcoinBuddies.com Explained

This site will be a Social Network (like Facebook) that gives users the ability to buy and sell products (like Amazon). We currently have 2 patents pending for this development.

Easy Exchange Coins (EEC)

The primary digital asset used on this platform will be Easy Exchange Coins (EEC). These coins are a digital currency that will be used to buy items, can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum on cryptocurrency exchanges, and will also be the digital asset used to withdraw cash at ATMs in the future.

There are a few ways to obtain Easy Exchange Coins in these early stages, which include:

  • Obtaining a limited amount of coins for free
  • Exchanging Ether for coins
  • Becoming a strategic partner
  • Cash exchange

To help build our eco-system, we will freely distribute 20 million Easy Exchange Coins out of the 100 million total supply. If you’re interested in obtaining your free coins, exchanging Ether, becoming a strategic partner, or simply purchasing our coins, simply contact us.

We look forward to providing you with the most liquid, non-bank dependent digital asset in the world. 

Learn more about our project at EasyBitcoinBuddiesLLC.com


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